About OBA

What is OBA?

OBA - /ˈɔːbɑː; -bə/ pronounced [aw-buh]   is the term for King in the yoruba language of contemporary West Africa and Latin America. Our idea is that in whatever you do in life, with hard work, perseverance, and persistent patience, you can become whoever or whatever you choose to be, but most importantly you can become OBA (a king) in your chosen field, just as the Lion is crowned the king of the jungle. Our message is to never give up, no matter the obstacles you may face. Clothing apparel is one way by which this idea can be expressed.


Why OBA?

Having said that, OBA wear is more than just a clothing label, we are all about a love of expression, standing out from the crowd and the fulfilment of dreams and ambitions. We feel that good quality clothing that makes you feel good, should be affordable to all and we are driven in our goal to help our customers achieve their own unique style and that effortlessly urban look.

Since our inception in 2014 we have developed a number of different fashion lines and accessories that have proved hugely popular with our regular customers and we are growing at a rapid pace. We are adamant that we won’t lose that personal touch though as that’s one of the reasons why OBA wear is so unique. We are a sister company to CustomisedPrints which is a medium sized personalisation business based in Bedfordshire. 


Our vision?

Our vision is simple…to dress the current and future generations. The design on each apparel is carefully handcrafted by humans and not machines. We take real pride in each and every apparel we design.

OBA....discover casual wear online!